MDI High School's Kate Meyer was announced as the Hancock County Teacher of the Year by the Maine Department of Education on Thursday, May 14th.

Photo Courtesy Kate Meyer
Photo Courtesy Kate Meyer

Meyer, who teaches English and Design Thinking and Fabrication has taught at MDI High School for 18 years. She has taught in total 20 years.

Kate holds a Bachelor of Sciences, Secondary Education from the University of Maine Farmington and two Masters of Education degrees, one in Education Leadership and one in Literacy from the University of Maine, Orono.

Upon learning of her nomination Meyer said "I am so honored to represent the teachers of Hancock County and to use my voice to elevate our profession. Thank you to my administration, colleagues, and students."

Here's the copy of the letter Principal Matt Haney wrote in support of Kate's nomination

March 5, 2020

Dear selection committee:

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Kate Meyer as Hancock County Teacher of the Year.  According to our staff website Kate is an English teacher at MDI High School. As it turns out, that title leaves out so much about what she means to our school and its students.  Beyond teaching English, Kate is the lead teacher in our Island Pathways alternative program, teaches classes in Design Thinking, and is our resident expert in adventure-based education.  To say that Kate reaches the whole child is an understatement.

Island Pathways is a program designed to engage younger students who enter high school in some way disconnected from their education.  It is a two year course of study that incorporates English, Science, and Social Studies in the context of our Island community.  The team of teachers, with Kate as their leader, work very hard to differentiate for the diverse needs of the group, needs that can vary dramatically from year to year.  Since we implemented Island Pathways all but two participants have graduated from MDI with a high school diploma.  Many have gone on to successful careers and post-secondary education.

Design thinking is more a mindset than a class.  Each year Kate guides groups of students through the process, which includes empathic interviewing strategies to work as a group to solve a problem.  In the advanced class, the students work together to plan a school-wide event in the spring around a topic that is relevant to the student body, designed, and implemented by students.  Kate is the perfect coach to help the students achieve this lofty goal.

Kate Meyer is an incredible teacher with a diverse skill set.  She engages students, sets high standards, and helps the students to achieve them.  If you are looking for a passionate, skilled teacher who has found new and innovative ways to engage students, Kate is the ideal candidate to represent Hancock County as its Teacher of the Year.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have further questions about Kate and her application.


Matt Haney


MDI High School

The timetable for the selection for Maine Teacher of the Year is as follows


  • June: State Semi-Finalists announced (no more than 8)
  • August: State Finalists announced (no more than 3)
  • September: School visits and interviews
  • October: Maine Teacher of the Year announced; portfolio due from candidates for National Teacher of the Year
  • January 1: Maine Teacher of the Year begins service

Here's the announcement



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