I have long said that the best banner that a team can win is the Sportsmanship Banner. It is an acknowledgement of how your opposing teams, coaches and the officials think of your team. The MDI Football Team hasn't won a sportsmanship banner this year, and wins have been tough to come by on the field, but what some of the members did yesterday for a middle school runner shows their class, and that they have championship character!

This was on Facebook this morning

"A moment I wished I'd been able to capture yesterday at the middle school Cross Country meet. The last boy finisher was having a difficult time finishing. I look and see 4 high school football players I believe running and encouraging him to keep going. He did finish. And that will be my favorite moment at a sporting event for while I believe. I can only remember one of the football players. His name is Cole. I want to take a moment and say " Great job gentlemen!" Wish I knew all your names. Your school should be extremely proud of you. I know I am."

I have found out that these football players were Cole Allen, Hunter Gray and Darrion Williams. Well done boys!

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