Peter Austin, who has been the Ellsworth boys' basketball coach for the past 17 years, has resigned.

Austin won his 200th career game in February 2022 and was named the Class B Coach of the Year in 2023 by the Maine Association of Basketball Coaches.

When reached by phone Thursday afternoon, Austin said he would miss the Ellsworth-MDI rivalry games and the tournament games and atmosphere. He said he felt that the summers were getting too short with his lawn-care business and summer basketball. He said he felt that he was leaving the program in a good place.

On a personal note, Coach Austin has always been a pleasure to work with. He was always gracious with his time, in answering my questions both on and off air. He did say that he would welcome the opportunity to come on air with me in the 2024-25 season and I told him that he had a standing invitation to come on whenever he wished.

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Coach Austin graduated from Ellsworth High School and I was amazed to find out that he held goaltender records for years. I only found that out by happenstance when broadcasting his son, Andrew's championship soccer games.

Congratulations Coach on your retirement! Thanks for all you have done for the Ellsworth community.

Josh Frost the Ellsworth athletic director hopes to have a new coach in place for the summer.

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