This hand made sign is why Unified Basketball is so important. It doesn't matter if it's Trojan, substitute Eagles, Golden Bucks, Warriors, Witches... Any school mascot. Students who otherwise may not have pride in their school demonstrate it by playing for their school. The community embraces those playing. It's a great thing!

Thursday afternoon I attended the Brewer-MDI Unified Basketball game at Brewer High School. Only at a Unified Basketball game can a dance party break out! Oh, and there was lots of high fives, applause and pizza!

Brewer beat MDI 62-58.

Brewer's Kyle Grant had a game high 15 points with 1 3-pointer. Aaron Adams and Jacob Gray had 12 points each with Gray having 2 3-pointers. Miles Adams had 7 points. Micahel Mayo and Michael Bamhart had 6 points each while Clancey Brazier had 4 points.

For MDI Zachary Johnson and Nellie Page each had 12 points. Aaron Lichtenstein had 10 points and Jacob Fallica had 7 points with a 3-pointer. Sara St. Clair and Cameron Swan had 5 points and Isaac Philbrook had a 3-pointer.

Check out some of the photos from the game

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