The MDI Trojans and Old Town Coyotes resumed their lightning suspended football game from Friday night on Saturday, September 9th, but a half hour later than planned because of lightning in the area. When the players came out for warm-ups they were greeted by a beautiful rainbow. In the end, it was the Trojans who found the pot of gold, winning the game 41-14.

Photo Walter Churchill
Photo Walter Churchill

Prior to the lightning suspension on Friday night, MDI had scored twice. The Trojans had won the opening coin toss and elected to receive. After taking over at their own 39 yard line, they were in the end zone 3 plays later, with Colby Lee scoring from 59 yards out. The 2 point conversion was no good, and MDI led 6-0.

Old Town went 3 and out, and had to punt. MDI took over on the Coyote 31 yard line and 1:25 later, were in the end zone, with Elijah Joyce scoring from 14 yards out. The 2 point conversion was no good, and MDI led 12-0.

Play resumed with 7:41 remaining in the 1st Quarter with Old Town having the ball, but the Coyotes had to punt, and MDI took over  on the Old Town 16 yard line. 1 play later, Elijah Joyce scored his 2nd touchdown of the game, running in from 16 yards out. MDI went for the 2 point conversion which was good, and with 5:55 left in the 1st Quarter the Trojans were up 20-0.

Old Town took over on their own 43 yard line and eventually turned the ball over on downs, with MDI taking over on their 27 yard line with 1:28 left in the 1st Quarter. MDI would march down the field, and Andrew Phelps threw the ball to Elijah Joyce for 10 yards and MDI scored. Colby Lee ran in for the 2 point conversion, and with 9:43 left in the 1st Half, MDI was up 28-0.

Old Town would take over on their own 30 yard line, but 1 play later, Abrahm Malloy recovered a fumble, and MDI had the ball with 9:27 left in the half, on the Coyote 35 yard linie. That's when Billy Kerley drifted out of the backfield down the right side and was all alone without a Coyote near him. Phelps saw him and lofted a pass for the 35 yard touchdown. Kerley converted the point after kick, and with 9:19 remaining in the 1st Half, MDI was up 35-0.

Old Town would turn the ball over on downs, and MDI took over on the Coyote 43 yard line with 4:22 remaining in the 1st Half. One play later, Colby Lee was standing in the end zone, running around the side for the score. Kerley's kick attempt was no good and MDI led 41-0 at the end of the 1st Half.'

For the 1st Half MDI had 167 rushing yards and 80 passing yards while Old Town had 11 yards rushing and 52 yards passing.

Much of 2nd Half was played under running time. Isaac Preble put Old Town on the scoreboard with 6:06 left in the 3rd Quarter with a 1 yard run. The 2 point conversion was no good and MDI led 41-6.

Old Town would score once more, with 6:56 remaining in the 4th Quarter, with Brian Barnaby running in from 22 yards out. This time the 2 point conversion was good, and that was the final score 41-14.

MDI is now 1-1 and will play in Bucksport against the Golden Bucks Friday, September 14th at 7 PM. That game will be broadcast on WDEA Internet Radio and on our free downloadable APP from the APP Store sponsored by First National Bank with the pregame starting at 6:40 PM.

Old Town 0-2 plays host to 0-2 John Bapst on Friday, September 14th at 7 PM.

MDI Stats
Colby Lee 4-114 yards
Elijah Joyce 6-42 yards
Sam Mitchell 2-6 yards
Billy Kerley 2 - 3 yards
Andrew Phelps 1- 3 yards
Alden Fournier 3 - 2 yards
Colby Modeen 1 - 1 yard
Ehan Harkins 1- 0 yards
Abrahm Mally 5 - 0 yards

Andrew Phelps 3-3 80 yards 2 Touchdowns

Billy Kerley 1-35 yards
Sam Hoff 1-29 yards
Elijah Joyce 1-10 yards
Alden Fournier 1-6 yards

Old Town Stats
Ethan Hayes 11-66 yards
Roy Kornoff 12 -63 yards
Dylan Moore 2-28 yards
Brian Barnaby 4-23 yards
Isaac Preble 5-13 yards
Travis Spell 1-Minus 8 yars
Hunter Brasslett 5-Minus 11 yards

Hunter Brasslett 7-9 52 yards

Travis Spell 7-52 yards

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