Lily Philbrook is at it again! For the 10th year in a row, with the Community's support she has her Angel Tree, and is looking for your help to make this a Merry Christmas for families in the greater Ellsworth area.

If you or your family want to take care of the angel tag, you are asked to let Lily know on the original post on her Facebook Page

How this works

  • 50+ Children and families looking for a little extra Christmas magic this season.
    To claim an angel please comment below the photo of the angel you would wish to buy for.
  • Drop off occurs at 476 Water Street in Ellsworth BY December 15th - unless otherwise arranged: Be sure to leave the gifts UNWRAPPED and paired with a note listing your name/angel number(s)~
    Not going to be around for this holiday season but would still like to help? message Kily about a Venmo option!

Lily explained back in 2020 why she was doing this.

I first realized the importance of giving back in December of 2012. As a 9-year-old little girl ecstatic for all the Christmas festivities, such as going in and out of decoration packed stores, singing along to Christmas music, asking about Santa Claus, and when the most appropriate time to send him a letter would be; all the little things we experience as young children. As the time for Christmas shopping started full swing I would frequently visit our local Walmart with my stepmom and admire the biggest Christmas tree I had ever seen. With such tiny stature and lack of perception, I was in awe at how large the tree was, wrapped in classic lights and red and gold trimmings. But this tree was different, it wasn't covered in shiny spherical ornaments. It was Covered in paper Angels. I remembered this day fondly as I asked all of the typical “why” questions every small child recites upon new exposure. Finding out that the angels were for providing support to families in need during the holiday season, I scoured the tree to read some of the wishes. I found an unidentified little girl, 9 years old, who wanted a Monster-High doll. Of course, I had to convince my Stepmom to let me pick out a doll for her as I too was interested in receiving some for my toy collection this Christmas. Without hesitation, we removed the tag and headed to the toy aisle, picking two dolls to purchase.

Now here we are as time went on and as most young kids do, I had lost a recurring recollection of the events that happened on that trip to Walmart, as I went about my everyday activities of saving the stuffed animal who visited my toy veterinary clinic, or “reading” my Judy B. Jones books. A few weeks had passed as I continued my routine until Christmas rolled around. Living in a split family meant multiple Christmases and it came time to go visit my mom's side of the family on Christmas Eve.

In December of 2013, now 10 years old I partnered with the Maine Seacoast Mission - setting up my own tree. Now approaching 18 and what will soon be my 8th year of providing the Angel Tree, three organizations later, I have helped give back to 582 children and families.

Just remember, It doesn't take somebody big and strong to make a difference. I came from a basic background and have gone through my fair share of unfortunate events. Being premature and facing many medical “roadblocks” as I was welcomed to the world, spending my first few months in the NICU on constant oxygen and feeding machines at all hours of the day until I found the strength to do the mere act of swallowing. By no means was I supposed to grow up and be “big and strong” or able to make such a change. I believe that was destined by fate to start me in becoming who I am today: determined, committed, kind-hearted, and hard-working.

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