Last week, we told you that the JUMP Playground area at the Knowlton Park in Ellsworth would be closed from Tuesday, June 12 to the 16th, so that the City could spread 60 cubic yards of playground quality woodchips. Well, that created an uproar, as the City belatedly found out that there are several school outings scheduled for Knowlton Park. So Public Works is coming to the rescue!

The city cannot reschedule the tractor trailer and delivery of the wood chips, but they have pulled the entire Public Works Crew off of other responsibilities, and will unload and spread the entire 60 cubic yards of wood chips on Tuesday, June 13th. Consequently the JUMP Playground area will only be closed on Tuesday, June 13th, rather than the original 3-4 days!

The Splash Pad will be open as normal on Tuesday.

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