Guess now we'll have to eat that frozen spaghetti casserole that's been in the freezer since March.

A downeast institution, Jordan's Snack Bar on the Downeast Highway (otherwise known as Route 1) in Ellsworth will be turning off the fryers for the season this coming Sunday, September 27th.

Everyone all together now.  "No!"

Yes, it's true.  There goes the fried haddock sandwiches, the shrimp and the clams, the burgers, fries and ice cream for another season.  One that was far too short.

Like other snack bars and take-outs, Jordan's had to face what to do within the COVID-19 pandemic, and the start to their season was delayed.  But they pulled it off.

This was the first year in their history that they had any sort of a drive-thru, and it turned into a convenience that was appreciated by many.  We hope that after this pandemic is ancient history, that places like Jordan's Snack Bar and Pat's Pizza in Ellsworth continue with drive-thru pickup.

Anyway, husbands and wives are now arguing about turning the furnace on and the summer season is officially over, especially following this Sunday, when Jordan's Snack Bar locks up for the last time this year.

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