18 years ago, in January 1998 Maine's power delivery system was under attack by Mother Nature, as the State suffered a devastating ice storm! Many people were without power for over a week, as line crews came from all up and down the East coast and Canada to assist Bangor Hydro (now Emera Maine), and Central Maine Power in running new lines and installing new poles.

The El Nino weather system contributed to the ice storm, which is what we are experiencing this year! I'd much rather have snow than ice! It's a time when everyone learned the saying that "No power line is ever safe to touch, ever" as power lines were everywhere on the ground!

I remember being without power for just a day, but we were without cable for a couple of days. My children who were just 6 and 7 were complaining about the fact we didn't have TV, and we explained how lucky we were. One of my neighbors was running his furnace from an extension cord on my front porch! Driving around, we saw transformers arcing and on fire. Trees cracking under the weight of the ice sounded like gunfire. It was a scary time, but a time when Mainers banded together, checking on each other, bringing out the best in everyone!

15 Years ago tomorrow............. The Ice Storm of 1998 began.

Posted by Charlie Lopresti on Thursday, January 3, 2013