After about 60 hours without power, power was restored in our neighborhood in Bangor Wednesday night. It's the longest we have been without power in total of the 26 years we have lived in our house. But, put it in perspective, we have been without power for 3 days, yet Puerto Rico has been without power for 41 days.

Are you a half full or a half empty person? We were without power but we had a house with a roof over our head. We didn't have any damage to our house.

We had to throw away food that was unsafe from our fridge, but it was long past time for a purge. And we had a refrigerator, it hadn't blown away like Puerto Rico or been demolished.

We had to eat out for dinner Monday and Tuesday night, but it was a great night for local businesses, and my wife and I had nice dinners and it was nice to be out together.

Our house was 54 degrees this afternoon, but I had lasted until November 1st without turning on the heat or pellet stove. Thanks to the generosity of my neighbors, we plugged in the pellet stove this afternoon into their generator and the house was warm before the power returned. Plus, it was a  good excuse for our Great Danes Wilma and Elmer to sleep in the bed with us, and they are great bed warmers!

We went to bed early, not that we got a lot of sleep because there were 2 Great Danes in our bed! My wife said how nice it was to sleep with the lights off and the tv off. She said it was great that we had this chance to talk. I pretended I couldn't hear, because why would we want to to talk now and go away from what worked in our first 29 years of our marriage (just kidding dear!)

I had to go out and get coffee in the morning from Dunkin Donuts but hey, there was at least a Dunkin within a 5 minute drive and my wife appreciated the fact that I was bringing her coffee in bed. Plus I never would have found out Elmer loves Dunkin Pumpkin Spice Coffee because he kept licking the cover of my coffee. Hey, I'm a good sharer!

Yes, this blackout has cost me money, because I'm paid on commission and some of the spots I sold couldn't air given the fact we were without power for a bit at the radio station, but I also had a chance to sit in the Z Morning Show with Kid and Sarah and give them a little grief and defend myself after all the times they have made fun of me!

My wife had a half day of school on Monday, and she spent the day at work with me and was able to do paperwork while I kept updating the website. We haven't been able to spend a day together like that in awhile.

If you don't have power back, I hope you get it back soon! As of 9:15 PM there were still 27,621 Emera Maine Customers without power on Wednesday, November 1st, You can view the Live Outage and Restoration Map HERE. And here are the updated estimated restoration times


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