In case you haven't seen the sign, of laundromat coming soon, a new laundromat is going into the Tim Horton's location at the Tradewinds Plaza in Ellsworth. As a matter of fact, the laundromat will be opening on Thursday, February 8th.

Photo Chris Popper

I spoke to Chuck Lawrence the developer of the Plaza and owner of the laundromat and he explained that there will be wi-fi and cable televisions in the laundromat. There will be a fast card, a reward card and the laundromat will be open Monday through Sunday, 7AM to 8PM, but that the last loads going into the washers will be at 7PM. You can also download an APP for your phone, and go next door to Fuddrucker's for a meal, and that you will be notified when your wash is done.