On Sunday, June 23rd, I spent the afternoon at the Bangor Waterfront working our Pints and Pups event. It was a gorgeous day, and I had so much fun seeing all the dogs. I wished Elmer and Wilma could have been there! They would have had a blast!

While I was there, I met Karen Wood, who is the Adoption Coordinator with The Pixel Fund, an organization in Orrington that rescues dogs from kill shelters in Georgia. We had Bob, an Australian Shepherd who came from a kill shelter in Georgia, and Bob was an amazing dog. I have a magnet of a dog paw that says "Who rescued who?" and Bob brought incredible love into our life.

The Pixel Fund currently has quite a few puppies and they are looking for foster homes or people to adopt these dogs. They brought 3 Australian Heelers/Cattle dogs to the event today, and I fell in love! They are 9 weeks old.

Zoar and Baku are each males while Zaria is a female. They were found in a crack house in Georgia, with their mother who wasn't feeding them. They were then brought to a kill shelter in Georgia, where the Pixel Fund brought them to Maine.


These dogs are beyond cute! If you have the willingness and ability to foster or adopt one of these beautiful dogs, please call Karen at 207-949-1188 or email her at karenw@thepixelfund.org

Obviously they need cash donations to help care for the rescues. They are also looking for people who are willing to pick dogs up in Augusta and bring them to Orrington