I do like Thanksgiving, but true confession time, I love Thanksgiving leftovers!

Now, I have a confession. I could really care less about eating the Thanksgiving meal. What I LOVE are the turkey sandwiches afterwards. That's the worst part about going out to eat on Thanksgiving, there are NO leftovers! I think every restaurant or host/hostess should send everyone home with leftovers!

When I make turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving, they get piled high with everything left over! There will be stuffing in it, squash, green beans, turnip and cranberry sauce. I have to show a little restraint and not put the mashed potatoes on it!

And I normally will eat the first Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich no more than two hours after the mid afternoon Thanksgiving meal. To me, that's Thanksgiving!

Yes, we are extremely thankful for our health, all of God's blessings, our family, but I love the Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwiches piled high with all the sides

So how do you feel about Turkey Leftover Sandwiches?

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