Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 26th, and this year with the rising price of food, electricity, oil, gasoline, and really everything, more and more of our friends and neighbors are going to need some help.

If your family could use some help with Thanksgiving this year, please sign up by emailing HERE or clicking HERE. There is no financial test to apply. Families will receive the food needed to make a great Thanksgiving meal: Turkey (or chicken for families of 1-2 people) stuffing, gravy, fresh potatoes and carrots, cranberry sauce and dessert, along with other items to make your day special. Deadline for applications is November 14th. Food will be ready for pick-up or delivery on Monday, November 20th and Tuesday, November 21st..

If you are fortunate enough to be in a position of helping, here's how you can volunteer and help!

Food Drive:
Help provide food for the Thanksgiving Program! Look for donation boxes at the banks in Bar Harbor throughout the month of November, or drop Items in the food donation box at Bar Harbor Congregational Church (next to Reel Pizza).

Contact to see about volunteer opportunities. The biggest needs are November 16-21 to collect food and package it, and November 20-22 to help deliver food to families who are not picking their meal up in Bar Harbor.

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