The 1993 Ellsworth High School Boy's Soccer Team was undefeated finishing with a perfect 18-0 record. The team was memorialized with t-shirts and sweatshirts with members of the team's likenesses!

Photo courtesy of Shelley and Ricky Miles
Photo courtesy of Shelley and Ricky Miles

Scott Harriman was the artist. Thanks to Fred Ashmore who was able to identify the team members and Chad Thomas who came up with the final list starting from the top

  • Andy Higgins
  • Travis Coffin
  • David Thomas
  • Steve Perry
  • Lasse Tolstrup
  • Kurt Harriman
  • Chris Van Dorn
  • Marc LeClerc
  • Michael Boles
  • Mike Newman
  • Chris Harmon
  • Steve McDonald
  • Ben Hamilton
  • Mike Harmon
  • Matt McDonald
  • Mark Hellum
  • Philip Buswell Adrian Gray
  • Ricky Miles

Here's the front of the shirt

Photo Michael Boles
Photo Michael Boles
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