We're hoping that the boss lets you wear shorts.

Get ready for some hot steamy weather in the Bangor area during the next four days or so. It may be a good idea to pay someone else to mow the lawn, which by the way will probably grow as high as a hay field this week.

The National Weather Service is predicting high temperatures into the lower to mid 80s this Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, along with hair curling humidity and the chance of a few thunderstorms as well.

Wednesday should be a party sunny day with a chance of a few late afternoon thundershowers and a high near 85 degrees.

Thursday is predicted to be partly sunny with a high of 84.

Friday could see passing showers and thundershowers throughout the day with temps maxing out at 83 degrees. Those conditions will continue right throughout Saturday as well, with temperatures in the lower 80s.

It will be cooler along the coast, but the further you travel into northern Maine the hotter it's going to be, with temperatures in Aroostook County soaring as high as 89 degrees during both Wednesday and Thursday.

So, if you're one of the lucky ones who had this Memorial Day week penciled in as your vacation, please try not to think of us here at work as you throw a couple of burgers onto the grill and do a few cannonballs into the lake.  We can't wait to join you!

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