The nomination papers have been turned in, and signatures validated. Here are the candidates that Ellsworth citizens will choose from when voting in the November 2022 municipal election.
City Council- Vote for 3

  • Michelle Beal
  • John Linnehan
  • Robert Miller
  • Tammy Mote
  • Kristen Schlaefer
  • Jonathan Stein
  • Gordon Workman

Councilor Robert Miller is running for re-election. Councilors Marc Blanchette and Michelle Kaplan chose not to run for re-election

School Board- Vote for 2

  • Paul Markosian

Paul Markosian is running for re-election. Tara Young chose not to run for re-election
Library Trustee- Vote for 1
No one took out nomination papers for the Library Trustee and only Paul Markosian took out papers for the School Board. That means that Ellsworth voters will choose a write-in candidate for the School Board and Library Trustee.

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