Following a 4 plus hour meeting on Tuesday, August 11th, the Ellsworth School Board voted to approve a hybrid or remote only model for students when they begin on September 8th. The vote was 4-1 with Jenn Alexander voting against the motion, with an emotional comment afterwards

The Ellsworth School Department will be reaching out to families beginning as soon as Wednesday August 12th for final determination for individual student's and family's decisions as to whether the students will be returning for hybrid or remote only. For those choosing remote only they will be required to remain in a remote only platform for 1 ranking period. Families choosing hybrid will be able to change to remote only at any time. The goal is to reach everyone and have their answers by Friday, August 14th. If you haven't been surveyed, please call either the Ellsworth High School or Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School Offices

For those choosing hybrid, families will be divided into Maroon and Gray cohorts. Maroon will meet in school on Monday and Wednesday and Gray will meet in school on Tuesday and Thursday. On alternate Fridays, the Maroon and then Gray cohorts will meet in person.

Other highlights

  • In high school remote learning will occur synchronously (at the same time) as regular in school learning. Students at home will need to follow the school dress code as they will appear on screen
  • Students will not use lockers
  • Mask breaks will be scheduled throughout the day
  • Water fountains will not be used but bottles will be able to be refilled
  • Middle School remote learning will not be done synchronously (at the same time)
  • Breakfast will be done grab and go style
  • Elementary and Middle School students will eat lunch in their classrooms. High School Students will hopefully eat in 2 lunches at desks 6 feet apart in the Cafe
  • The issue of food allergies will need to be addressed when they eat in classrooms
  • Those students who participate in remote only learning will be eligible to participate in High School Athletics if athletics take place
  • K-4 students who participate in remote learning will be assigned to remote learning teachers and there will be remote learning home rooms
  • Food will be available for those participating in remote learning similar to last year
  • For those who are needing childcare, the School District is working with the YMCA to provide K-8 coverage at the Moore Center when they are on the remote days. There may be up to 100 slots. Fees are still to be determined but they will be done per day. There is a possibility that Covid Relief Funds may be used to subsidize the fees, subject to availability.
  • Remote only (time requirements) will be posted on the Ellsworth School District website for the Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School. High School will be meeting synchronously (at the same time)

The full video will be posted on Wednesday morning, as the meeting was continuing near 11 p.m

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