The Ellsworth School Department is conducting a back to in-person school survey, and need to hear from all parents with children attending either the Ellsworth Elementary-Middle School or Ellsworth High School no later than Thursday, March 18th.

The results from this survey will inform the Ellsworth School Department as to the number of students who would like to come back for in-person learning and how many students would prefer to stay in their current remote or hybrid schedule.

The Ellsworth School Department reminds you that it is not a promise that they will be able to accommodate all requests, but instead provides them with data to bring back as many students as possible for five days per week in-person learning, while still following state safety requirements.

Unlike previous surveys, you will need to fill out a survey for each school that your child attends, K-4, 5-8 and 9-12. You also need to fill out a survey for each child.


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