The Ellsworth Police Department in a Facebook Post on July 10th announced that they will be stepping up parking enforcement in Downtown Ellsworth.

Areas that will be patrolled heavier include State Street, Water Street, Main Street, Franklin Street and the Lower City Hall Parking Lot. These parking spots are 2 hour parking. There are several lots that do not have the 2 hour limit within the City.

The Ellsworth Police Department will also be ticketing anyone in the City parking in a handicap parking spot, without a placard properly displayed or a handicap plate.

Also, there will be a emphasis placed on enforcing wrong way parking. You must be parking in the direction of travel for the side of the road you are parked on, in a properly designated space.

Parking fines include

  • Overtime parking - $10.00
  • Parking Under or Near a No Parking Sign - $10.00
  • Parking In a Handicap Spot without proper license/placard $100.00
  • Wrong Way Parking $10.00

Those contesting tickets will need to fill out a Parking Ticket Dispute Form at the Ellsworth Police Department and you will be notified within 7 business days if your ticket has been upheld or voided.


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