It was a bright, hot, sunny day, with temperatures touching 89 degrees, a perfect afternoon for the beach, but Ellsworth and Orono met on the football field, for their first controlled scrimmage of the 2014 Football season. It was certainly a chance to test the conditioning of the teams, and see how well the teams had studied their playbooks and hit someone from the other team!

The controlled scrimmage consisted of 10 plays for each team, followed by a drive. Ellsworth had the ball first, and the video shows the plays of Ellsworth first ten plays, followed by their drive, and then Orono's ten plays followed by their drive.

Ellsworth plays MDI Friday night, August 29th in Bar Harbor for their final exhibition game. The Ellsworth--MDI game will be broadcast on WDEA Internet Radio, with the pregame starting at 6:45 PM.