Voters in the City of Ellsworth will be heading to the polls on Tuesday, November 2nd selecting 2 City Councilors, 2 Members of the School Board and 2 Library Trustees.

If you are considering running for these seats, you will need to pick up your nomination papers from the Ellsworth City Clerk's Office. Nomination papers will be available on Monday, August 9th. Candidates will need to have the nomination papers signed by at least 50 registered Ellsworth voters, and no more than 100 registered voters.

Once signed, the nomination papers need to be returned no later than 5 p.m. on Friday, September 17th so that the signatures can be validated.

Seats up for election include

City Council 3-year terms

  • John Phillips
  • Heather Grindle

School Board

  • Abigail Miller - 3-year seat
  • Muneer Hasham - 1-year seat. This is the seat that was held by Jen Alexander. She resigned from her seat earlier this year, and the School Board appointed Muneer Hasham to fill her seat. They can do so until the next election, which is on November 2nd. At that time, Ellsworth's voters will choose the individual for the 1-year term

Library Trustees 3-year terms

  • Ronald Fortier
  • S. Craig MacDonald
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