October is Fire Prevention Month, and the Ellsworth Fire Department invites you to their open house on Saturday, October 13th from 10AM to 2PM.

My grandparents lived in Framingham Center, in Massachusetts and their property abutted one of Framingham's fire stations. One of the favorite things we liked to do when visiting my grandparents was to go and visit the firemen at the fire station! They would always give us a tour, let us sit in the firetruck, turn on the lights and wear their hats. They also would slide down the poles for us!  As a little child it was great!

At the Ellsworth Fire Department's open house they will have games, prizes, tours of the fire house and of the firetrucks! Plus there will be fire safety tours.

I'm sure there will be firefighters in their turnout gear. It's so important to have little children realize that firefighters in their turnout gear, although scary looking are their friends and are there to help them. Children should be taught to go to a firefighter in turnout gear if they are ever in a fire, and not hide under a bed or some other object!

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