The Ellsworth Boys and Girls Tennis Teams traveled to Old Town to play the Coyotes on Friday, April 28th. The Ellsworth Boys won 3-2 and the Old Town Girls won 3-2.

Here are the results. Thanks to Brynn Stephenson for the results.


  • 1st Singles - Kai Barrett (EHS) defeated Kaiden Plourde 8-1
  • 2nd Singles - Koa Barrett (EHS) defeated Kameron Plourde 8-3
  • 3rd Singles - Owen Frank (EHS) defeated Theodore Stoup 8-6
  • 1st Doubles - Jacob Brain-Busby./Bryson Madden (Old Town) defeated Luke Perry/Pablo Little-Siebold 8-6
  • 2nd Doubles - Marquis and Coopen Neely (Old Town) defeated Grayson Mote/Sam Kaplan 8-6


  • 1st Singles - Megan Jordan (EHS) defeated Sadie May 8-1
  • 2nd Singles - Karma Rugger (Old Town) defeated Briana Kane 8-2
  • 3rd Singles - Miah Coffin (EHS) defeated Savanna Lolar 8-6
  • 1st Doubles - Natalie Baker/Addyson Feero (Old Town) defeated Kahlan Keene and Emily Gagnon 8-3
  • 2nd Doubles - Haylie Madden and Allyson Caron (old Town) defeated Whitney Clark and Elizabeth Frost 8-2

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