The annual Ellsworth Boys Scout Troop 86 Christmas Tree Sale begins on Saturday, November 27th at the Small Animal Clinic parking lot near the Ellsworth Car Wash. All proceeds will go to help support the Troop's 2022 adventures like summer camp, camp-outs, rafting, volunteer work, personal development and more!

Troop 86 Boy Scout Christmas Tree Sale Photo Courtesy Boy Scouts Troop 86

Trees are available in 3 sizes, 5 to 6 feet for $32.00, 6 to 7 feet for $38.00 and 7 to 8 feet trees for $44.00. Trees are available 9 to 5 weekdays, and if you purchase the tree then, you'll need to pay at the Small Animal Clinic. On weekends, 9 to 5, the Boy Scouts will be on site, and you can pay them, and they'll help load the trees on your vehicle.

The sale continues until all the trees are gone, likely through December 18th

Note the picture is from a previous year, which is why the Scouts are unmasked. Please be sure to wear your mask when buying a tree.

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