Elite Airways made it's inaugural flight to Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport and was met by firetrucks who provided a water archway for the plane to taxi under en route to the terminal.

Inside the terminal representatives from Elite Airways were met by members of the Bar Harbor and Ellsworth Chamber of Commerces, some elected officials and the public as they cut a ribbon and shared cake and coffee.

Elite Airways will be offering trips to Portland and Newark. Flights will depart Bar Harbor to Portland on Fridays and Sundays beginning June 17th. Flights on Fridays will leave at 5 PM and Sundays at 1:45 PM. Flight times are one hour. Departures from Portland to Bangor will leave on Fridays beginning June 17th at 3 PM and Sundays at 12 Noon. Fares begin at $79.00

Flights from Bar Harbor to Newark will begin on Saturday, June 16th. Flights will depart from Bar Harbor at 12 Noon and will arrive in Newark 1 hour later at 1 PM. Flights from Newark to Bar Harbor will leave Newark at 10:30 AM and arrive 1 hour later at 11:30. Fares begin at $99.00

Elite Airways Makes It's Inaugural Landing at Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport June 17, 2016 Photo Chris Popper