Hey, here's what's buzzin' cousin!

Dig it Daddy-O, the Ellsworth High School cafeteria is now Fat City (a great thing or place for those who aren't hip to it) as it takes a step back in time!

Thanks to the efforts of senior Olivia Dyer, the cafeteria has a whole new look, and the public is invited to make the scene Thursday, May 16th, between 5 & 7 p.m. for this unreal event!

Cast an eyeball on the new artwork with a 1950s theme that now adorns the walls in an effort to liven and brighten things up.  Check out the old-fashioned milkshake and those groovy vinyl records on the walls!

Cooks there will serve up the burgers and shakes 50s style that night.  Admission is free but you'll have to cough up the bread for the eats.  Now if you're plannin' on hangin', RSVP at Eagle Pride Diner Opening on Facebook by clicking the "Going" button, or by using that new fangled email do-hickey thing - odyer2001@gmail.com.

Proceeds from this very boss event will go towards purchasing a jukebox for the cafeteria, so that hipsters can jam to the sounds of Buddy Holly, Elvis, the Everly Brothers, Ricky Nelson and Little Richard.  Yeah, that'll give 'em an education!

Man, we're cranked, it's gonna be a blast!



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