The Dexter Tigers defeated the MDI Trojans 32-16 in an exhibition football game in Bar Harbor on Alumni Field Friday night August 26th. The game was originally supposed to be played at 7 p.m. but weather concerns pushed the start to 5:30 p.m. The game was played under running time in the 2nd Half with continued weather concerns.

Dexter scored 1st n a 8 yard run by senior Quarterback Bryce Connor. Junior running back Gage Beaudry ran in the 2-point conversion and the Tigers led 8-0 with 6:23 remaining in the 1st Quarter. The drive took 3:54

With 11:54 remaining in the 1st Half Dexter scored again. This time Bryce Connor complete a 5 yard pass to Gage Beaudry for the touchdown. Connor ran in for the 2-point conversion and it was 16-0. The drive took 2:36.

With 7:27 left in the 1st Half, Dexter scored again. This time it was Connor running in from 22 yards out. Beaudry ran in for the 2-point conversion and the Tigers led 24-0. The drive took 1:35

Dexter led at the end of the 1st Half 24-0.

MDI scored with 7:34 remaining in the 3rd Quarter. Alex Gray, playing Quarterback ran in from 21 yards out. He then converted the 2-point play, and it was Dexte4 24-8. The drive took 1;37.

MDI scored with 10:34 remaining in the 4th Quarter. Jacob Reeves a freshman galloped for a 43 yard touchdown. Ripley Hawkins another freshman converted the 2-pointer and MDI trailed 24-16

But with 6:10 left in the game Trenton Hanscom, a freshman gave Dexter an insurance touchdown, scoring from 21 yards out. Bryce Cooper, a freshman scored on the 2-point conversion to make the score 32-16

MDI opens the regular season on the road on Friday, September 2nd at Spruce Mountain.

Dexter opens the regular season on Saturday, September 3rd at Mount View.

MDI Stats


  • Jacob Reeves - 5 carries 53 yards
  • Alex Gray - 2 carries 37 yards
  • Aidan Grant - 7 carries 28 yards
  • Jacob Schields - 2 carries 20 yards
  • Brendan Graves - 3 carries 16 yards
  • Spencer Laurendeau - 12 carries 15 yards
  • Ripley Hakins 1 carry 4 yards
  • Rykin Hamor 1 carry 1 yard


  • Ripley Hawkins 1-1 2 yards
  • Spencer Laurendeau 0-1


  • Jacob Reeves 1 reception 2 yards

Dexter Stats


  • Bryce Cooper 3 carries 66 yards
  • Bryce Connor 8 carries 39 yards
  • Gage Beaudry 5 carries 31 yards
  • Trenton Hanscom 2 carries 25 yards
  • Jason Bowden 3 carries 8 yards
  • Caleb Schobel 1 carry 5 yards
  • Will Spratt 1 carry -2 yards


  • Bryce Connor 8-8 111 yards


  • Kayden Kimball 2 receptions 55 yards
  • Gage Beaudry 4 receptions 49 yards
  • Caleb Schobel 1 reception 2 yards

Thanks to Walter Churchill for the photos

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MDI-Dexter Exhibition Football

The MDI Trojans hosted the Dexter Tigers on Friday, August 26th in an exhibition football game in Bar Harbor

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