Troubling news for Ellsworth and the surrounding community. The Community Closet has announced on their Facebook Page that they will be closing.

The Community Closet in Ellsworth is a store that is vital to the community! It provides clothing, food, back to school supplies, household goods and more to the neediest of our friends and neighbors in Downeast Maine.

But the last year has proven to be extremely difficult for Jacquie Wykoff after suffering a serious health issue.

For now, the Community Closet is staying open, but no longer accepting donations.  Anyone who needs back-to-school items should head over as soon as possible for the best selections.

The Community Closet is open 10-2 on Monday and Wednesday and Thursday from 4 to 7.

If you are looking to make donations of clothing etc. you might want to consider the Emmaus Shelter in downtown Ellsworth or the Goodwill Store. You can also check HERE for a list of other sites in Hancock County. It would be a good idea to call before heading over to donate.

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