The Bucksport Golden Bucks defeated Ellsworth 46-8 on Saturday afternoon October 29th in a game that had been postponed from Friday October 28th. It was Senior Recognition afternoon with the last high school football games for Ellsworth seniors Keith Jordan, Jacob Shorey, Declan White, Scott Firley, Ethan Hodgkins, Chris Fickett and Amber Wallace-DeJulio.

Bucksport scored on their 1st play from scrimmage when Chase Carmichael threw a pass to Keigan Riccard that went for 81 yards. The 2 point conversion attempt was no good and Bucksport led 6-0 with 9:53 left in the 1st Quarter.

Ellsworth took over on their own 48 yard line on the ensuing kickoff and marched down the field. Connor Crawford scored on a quarterback sneak and Ellsworth went for the 2 point conversion. Crawford completed a pass to Chris Fickett, and Ellsworth led 8-6 with 2:27 left in the 1st Quarter.

Luke Wardwell scored from 2 yards out with 8:28 remaining in the 1st Half, and the 2 point conversion was no good. Bucksport led 12-8.

Bucksport scored again in the 2nd Quarter, when Carter Tolmassoff ran in from 9 yards out. This time, Bucksport's 2 point conversion was successful as Josh Geagan powered in the end zone. That made the score 20-8 Bucksport.

Bucksport scored once more in the 2nd Half, this time on a pass play, when Tolmassoff caught a 22 yard pass from Carmichael. Geagan ran in for the 2 point conversion and with 25 seconds remaining in the 1st Half, Bucksport was up 28-8.

Ellsworth's defense did a good job bottling up the Golden Bucks' rushing attack in the 1st Half, limiting them to just 38 yards. Chase Carmichael was 9-14 passing for 191 yards and 2 touchdowns in the 1st Half. Ellsworth had 65 yards rushing and 36 yards passing in the 1st Half.

Bucksport scored three more times in the 2nd Half. Luke Wardwell ran in from 2 yards and 5 yards out with 8:44 left in the 3rd Quarter and 9:44 in the 4th Quarter. Both times, the 2 point conversions were no good, and Bucksport led 40-8 in the 4th Quarter.

Bucksport added one more touchdown, with 4:01 remaining in the game, when Geagan rand in from 4 yards out. Bucksport's point after attempt was blocked by Ellsworth, making the final 46-8.

Bucksport now 6-3, will now play MCI Friday night, November 4th in the Class D Semifinals. Ellsworth ends their season at 2-7

Ellsworth Stats
Jacob Shorey 26 attempts 60 yards
Declan White 6 attempts 15 yards
Connor Crawford 7 attempts 5 yards
Andrew Brown 1 attempt 3 yards
Chris Fickett 3 attempts 2 yards

Connor Crawford 2-6 36 Yards
Chris Fickett 1-1 15 Yards

Jacob Shorey 1 catch 26 yards
Isaiah Cutshall 1 catch 15 yards
Andrew Brown 1 catch 10 yards

Bucksport Stats

Josh Geagan 9 attempts 67 yards
Matt Vincent 12 attempts 64 yards
Luke Wardwell 6 attempts 29 yards
Carter Tolmasoff 1 attempt 9 yards
Chase Carmichael 3 attempts 1 yard

Chase Carmichael 14-24 261 yards 2 touchdowns

Keigan Riccard 3 catches 118 yards
Carter Tolmasoff 3 catches 71 yards
Matt Vincent 3 catches 47 yards
Luke Wardwell 1 catch 14 yards
Josh Geagan 2 catches 5 yards
Tyson Gray 1 catch 4 yards
Luke Wardwell 1 catch 2 yards