If only it were that simple! I know that lots of Mainers love to ski, snowmobile, build snowmen and have fun in the snow! I also know there are lots that hate the snow, and the shoveling and snowblowing and driving on the icy, snow covered roads!  Not to mention the cold, and paying for heating oil, or stacking pellets and firewood!

That's why I'm fully supporting the event, Boycott Winter 2019 by the Downtown Ellsworth Facebook Group! If you want an invitation to the event, message me on Facebook and I'll invite you!

I love Christmas, but having lived in Florida, and Bermuda, I can tell you that you don't need snow for Christmas! Santa will still arrive, and unwrapping presents when it's 60 degrees out is much more enjoyable than unwrapping presents when it's 5 degrees!

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