At the Monday night, November 14th Special School Board Meeting, the Ellsworth School Department accepted the resignation of Katrina Kane as Superintendent and appointed Amy Boles as Interim Superintendent.

According to Kelly McKenney the Chair of the Ellsworth School Board

We are heartbroken to lose Katrina. I don't believe she made this decision lightly. Her resignation letter displays the integrity and admirable character that we all have long recognized in her. She puts what's best for kids and schools ahead of herself. She's going to be greatly missed. Amy's interim position is not for a specific length of time, but until we fill the Superintendent position which is being posted today. Amy will continue to oversee HCTC during her time as interim with the support of Jamie Anderson, the multimedia teacher at HCTC who holds an Assistant Principal certification.

Amy had quite the first day with the lockdown at Ellsworth High School. Here's hoping that every day is easier than the 1st !

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