The 8th Grade Class at the Beech Hill School in Otis was treated to a rolling motorcade on Friday May 29th. School officials, law enforcement, local fire department, and several people from the neighborhood joined in the line-up and even by the side of the road with signs and flags.

A few teachers (and Beech Hill School alumni student in buck mascot) and Principal Nichole Pothier wore masks and stopped by each students' house to deliver a lawn sign, buck plush, and sweatshirt for the high school each student will be attending.

Beech Hill 8th Grade Class of 2020

There will be a  "End of Year Drive-in" for all PK-8 students on Monday, June 8th and then on Tuesday, June 9th at 6 p.m.  6PM, we will release a video promotion ceremony for students and families to watch in the comfort and safety of their homes.  The school will be delivering a ceremony program, awards, trophies, diplomas and such to each home in advance.

Congratulations to the 8th Grade Class! Best of luck in the future!

  • Alexis Bradford
  • Shaelyn Carter
  • Cruz Coffin
  • Caramon Cotroneo
  • Gavin Flood
  • Haylie Hamor
  • Olivia Harmon
  • Andrew Herrick
  • Brandon Johnson
  • Genevieve Keith
  • Kaelyn Keith
  • Hannah O'Neil
  • William Sargent
  • Rowan Tate

Thanks to Nichole Pothier for the information and photos

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