There have been some changes at Acadia Youth Sports, and here's an update where things stand with COVID-19. The following is from Tony McKim....

Dear AYS Families

First, I have to regretfully report that the AYS Board accepted Kyle McKim's resignation as Executive Director at our last meeting. Kyle will be focusing on his financial/banking career. He has been appointed as the Trenton Delegate to the AYS Board, as we would not want to lose the wisdom and experience he has developed as our Director. Thank you for everything Kyle! We are working on our plan for transition, but in the interim, we will be operating within our Committee structure. What does that mean? Andy Shea is our Baseball/Softball Committee Chair, Jon Nicholson is our Golf Committee Chair, Nick Grant is our Football Chair and Chris Popper is our Communications Chair. They will be coordinating our summer programming in each of those areas.

Baseball/Softball - Let me start by saying that nobody wants the kids out there playing more than me. We are looking at two options for our summer baseball/softball program. For Little League/District 1 activity, we are having a ZOOM meeting at 3pm Sunday. I am hearing a rumor that Little League may propose a 4-week August schedule. I will be able to speak to that better after Sunday.

In the interim, outside Little League parameters, we have the May 20th State of Maine, Phase 2 Community Sports Guidelines, that have finally been published. Andy and the Committee will be taking these and putting together a practice outline for the kids for June, and a potential game/scrimmage schedule for July. For those of you that have registered, we will be refunding your fee. AYS will be putting on this program for free this summer. Happy to do so. Of course, we will gratefully accept any donations our AYS Families would like to make. If you would like to Coach - Farm League (Coed ages 6-8, Town Hill Field), Minor Baseball/Softball (ages 9-10), Major Baseball /Softball (ages 11-12) and Junior Baseball (ages 13-14) please email me at by the end of next week. I will get these to the Committee. For the first weekend in August, we are working on a modified Marty Lyon Classic baseball AND softball tournament for the kids. More to come on that, please be patient.

Basketball - I (Tony) am the current Basketball Committee Chair. We have not officially canceled Future Trojans Camp that would have started on July 6th. In all honesty it is not looking good, but I should know a lot more on this by the end of next week. This comes down to basketball being an inside sport, and a place that is "open" to have it in. Again, will keep you posted.

Golf - Jon Nicholson is our Committee Chair here. I am please to report that Future Trojans will go on at Kebo Valley Country Club! From July 7th though August 11th (Tuesday nights) a coed camp, for $159/child. Please call 288-3000, ext 1 with any questions (Kebo). We will do a separate post of the flyer once we get a few more details added to it.

Football - Nick Grant is our Committee Chair here. As of right now, we do not have a lot of new information for you on this topic. The Committee will meet in June and we will be better able to map out the mid to late August format for football this season. This sport, although outside, has a lot of "up-close" contact, so we want to study the guidelines carefully.

Cheering - Cheering is on hold for the time being. This is a full contact sport and is still discouraged under the current guidelines. Jenny is optimistic that we have a chance to have a "Local Cheer Camp" by the end of summer for area kids. Of course this would only be if the guidelines allow and the board approves (which we would). We anticipate starting our Cheer season in September, with the same outline as last year. Practices will continue to be held at Ellsworth Tennis Center.

Lastly, under Andy Shea's watchful and instructive eye, we are moving forward with our Bar Harbor Ball Fields renovation project. New snack shack, new storage building, and many other additions/changes. Please keep your eye on the progress!!

If you have any questions at all please contact me at or 207-460-4106. If you know any families not on social media, please send me their email addresses so I can forward this information.

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