If you haven’t thought of this yet, sorry to be the tap on your shoulder.

Memorial Day is Monday. The unofficial start to summer. Aah. Summer in Maine. We love it so much.

But here’s the reminder, we love summer in Maine and so do the tourists.

This weekend is also the unofficial start of the tourist season.

Grant me patience as I drive on 1A, speed limit 55, and I’m behind an out of state licensed car driving 45, before slowing down to 40.

Acadia National Park has already released information that we should expect high visitation at the park over Memorial Day weekend.

From a National Park Services release:

Expect crowds, traffic congestion and limited parking throughout the park

Pretty much seals it for the locals, that this is not the weekend to head to Acadia for that ‘family bonding hike’.

If you are one of the brave locals or making your first visit to Maine from New York, New Jersey, or Massachusetts, park visitors are encouraged to show up with a plan.

And a backup plan.

Know where your 2nd choice of a hike is, just in case there is no parking at your original destination.

Plan what you are going to do before you arrive.  Where you’ll park, and what trails you are planning to conquer. And carry a detailed park trail map.

Remembering you may lose cell coverage.

Can you hear me now? My app isn’t working

This link might be helpful in case there is something you didn’t realize you overlooked in your plans.

Have fun. And have patience.

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