In anticipation of the peregrine falcon nesting, Acadia National Park staff have closed the Precipice, Jordan Cliffs and Valley Cove Trails in Acadia National Park  to the public so as to protect the peregrine falcons from disturbance or harassment during the nesting stage.

Research has shown that nesting falcons are particularly vulnerable to human disturbance in the immediate area of the nesting site or that appears directed at the nest site. Continued disturbances can lead to chick mortality or complete nest failure, which further slows the recovery of the species in Maine.

The trails and carriage roads on the perimeter of the closed areas remain open. The reopening of the close areas is expected by late July - early August if nesting attempts succeed or possibly sooner if nesting attempts fail.

Public entry into a closed area is a violation of federal regulations, which is punishable by fine, imprisonment or both

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