It’s been a long time since the last snowfall here in the Pine Tree State, and with weather-hungry type folks going wild on social media this week about tonight’s expected precipitation, we thought we’d remind you what not to do when the Mother Nature throws a blanket upon us.

1. Do not pass a plow truck on the right. This obviously never works out well unless you’re really used to driving through a whiteout, and a mailbox or two.

2. Speaking of which, do not shovel or blow snow from your driveway into the street.  Not only does the snow become a safety concern for other drivers, but it pisses off the city plow driver, who’s a whole lot bigger than you.

3. Do not go to the grocery store before it snows unless you love mobs and bare shelves. Go during an expected snowfall while the aisles are pleasantly vacated, the shelves are well-stocked, and the employees are bored watching it rain outdoors.

4. Don’t post photos on Facebook while on your Florida vacation while asking “how’s the weather back home, suckers?” You’ll soon be one of us, again, and everyone at work knows where you keep your coffee mug.

5. Do not watch your TV, listen to the radio, or log onto social media, because the variety of topics is narrowly slimmed down to just one, over and over again.  Remember, variety is the spice of life.

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