The National Park Service is once again offering up the annual Acadia National Park Pass at almost half-price during the month of December.

We all love Acadia, as a trip up Cadillac Mountain or to Sand Beach always seems like the perfect thing to do on the weekend. A hike on one of the many trails or on the carriage roads, or a trip to watch the surf at Schoodic Point are just a few of the many things that folks from away drive hundreds of miles for.  We're very fortunate to have Acadia National Park in our backyard.

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Normally, an annual pass to the Park costs $55, but once again you can pick up the annual Park Pass ON SALE for only $28 at the following locations for most of the month of December:

Acadia National Park (Sand Beach Entrance Station), Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce, Southwest Harbor-Tremont Chamber of Commerce, Ellsworth Chamber of Commerce, Mount Desert Town Office, Tremont Town Office, Gouldsboro Town Office, Winter Harbor Town Office, and the Blue Hill Town Office.

“Buying an Acadia Annual Pass during this special sale will allow people to experience and enjoy the park throughout the entire year,” said Superintendent Kevin Schneider.

Other than what Ken said, here are a few more reasons to buy the Annual Park Pass during the month of December.

5 Reasons To But An Almost Half-Price Acadia National Park Pass

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