Like thousands of Mainers I spent part of my Labor Day Weekend at the Blue Hill Fair. It was so much fun, and it brought back so many memories. My "job" this Labor Day was to be a judge at the Whoopee Pie contest. There were 18 entrees and talk about a delicious and fun way to spend part of my Monday!

It had been years, and years and years since I'd been to the Blue Hill Fair. I'll be there next year, and hopefully as a judge if I'm asked to return! Walking into the Exhibition Hall brought back such memories of when I lived in Bermuda as a teenager and entered baked goods in the Agricultural Exhibition.

As I had gotten there early, I had plenty of time to walk around. I saw the rides and booths, and then saw the ReadyGoDogShow which made me smile the entire time I watched. It was a group of rescue dogs that ran and jumped into the pool, caught frisbees and more! If you ever get the opportunity to see them, make sure you do! They were very, very entertaining.

I left before the Demolition Derby was taking place later today.

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Check out the photos from the time I was there!

2021 Blue Hill Fair

The 2021 Blue Hill Fair was held September 2-6. Check out photos from the Fair on Labor Day, September 6th

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