With yesterday's high temperature over 90 degrees in Bangor, it means we have been seven or eight days over that mark this July! The record is 13 days over 90, and although we technically we haven't had a heat wave, defined as 3 days in a row over 90 degrees, it's still H-O-T and the humidity has made it worse! August is typically hotter, so here are some tips for beating the heat and humidity. Remember as hot and uncomfortable you are, your pet is too, so make sure your pet has plenty of shade and water!



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    Head to Sand Beach In Acadia National Park

    The National Park Service provides lifeguards at Sand Beach, which is accessed by the Park Loop Road in Acadia National Park. The water is extremely cold, usually not exceeding 55 degrees even in the dog days of summer. Speaking of dog days, pets are not allowed on the beach from May 15 through Sept. 15.

    Changing rooms and restrooms are located next to the parking area and the free Island Explorer has stops there, at :25 past and :55 past the hour from the end of June through Columbus Day.

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    Splash Pad or Public Pool

    Nothing is cooler than running through a Splash Pad or soaking in the pool.  If there's not one nearby take a nice cool shower

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    Head to the Movies

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    Drink Lots of Cold Liquids

    It is very important to stay hydrated when it's so hot and humid outside! Alcoholic beverages aren't the best at this time! Drink a big glass of cold water and stay cool!

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    Sit In Front of a Fan

    If you don't have an airconditioner, installing a fan can help cool things off as it will get the air moving in a room. Nothing's worse than a room with no air movement when it's hot and humid out!

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    Eat Ice Cream

    I'm not sure if this is technically a way to beat the heat and humidity, but heck it's ice cream and who doesn't love ice cream?

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    Go Whale Watching or Take a Nature Cruise or Lighthouse Tour

    How can you beat this? You'll be on the ocean and seeing parts of Maine others only dream about! You can even get half price tickets to the Bar Harbor Whale Watch's Nature Tours that normally cost $29.00 per person for $14.50 or an Adult Light House Tour that normally costs $45.00 for $22.50! Saving money and beating the heat? Winner winner chicken dinner!

    Photo Bar Harbor Whale Watch
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    Cook Early In the Day

    Speaking of chicken dinners be sure to cook your dinner early in the day. If you're going to bake something, you'll want to do it early in the morning before it gets really hot and humid out. This is the perfect time to barbecue on your grill to keep the heat out of the kitchen!

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    Wear Loose Fitting and Light Colored Clothing

    This time of the year many businesses relax their dress codes. Ditch the tie. Dark color clothing retains the heat.  Loose fitting shirts, dresses are the uniform of the day! Sandals or flip flops will keep your feet cool. Remember shirts and shoes are required to go into stores!

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    Mind Over Matter

    Just remember no matter how hot and humid it is, you don't have to shovel the heat or humidity! Enjoy the weather because soon enough it will be in the teens or colder and we will have feet of snow on the ground!