Thursday's are clinic days, and Maggie and mom Lauren headed to the clinic yesterday!

Here's Lauren's report:

Maggie's clinic appointment yesterday was long but went well. She received her pentamidine infusion along with some IV zofran. She did fine and even took her dressing change like a champ.

Her counts are looking good. Her white cells are still a little low and she may need another G-CSF shot next week, but otherwise everything is looking good!

I really can't believe that Saturday, September 21st is day +60! Time is flying! This whole process has gone by so quickly and for that I am very grateful..we will be back home before we know it!

I noticed a couple days ago that Maggie is also starting to get some itty bitty strands of hair on her little head! She is very excited about this. I think out of everything she has been through that is what has bothered her the most. She is very girly and misses her hair. Soon, Mags..soon!

We are looking forward to a nice weekend with my husband and the boys. Love when my family is all together on the weekends.

Thank you all for checking in and for your love and prayers! <3