11 months ago yesterday, June 24, 2013 Maggie Rudnicki received her bone marrow transplant from her brother Lucas. That's when I first heard the story about Maggie, and started posting the Team Maggie updates. In looking back on our website (keyword: Team Maggie) there are over 90 stories, some very depressing as she recovered from the transplant to some that are just overjoyingly (a new word I just made up) fantastic!

Here's Maggie in Boston today!

Check out those Vampire teeth!  She's got pigtails, and if you don't remember, she was completely bald last July as a result of all the medicine! According to her mom Lauren "Maggie looks and feels great! She's swimming and ice skating and doing amazing!" Maggie even went back to school late this year!

Here she was last June 25, 2013