It will get better! It will get better! That's the mantra of Team Maggie!

The good news, Mom (Lauren) still has her sense of humor and the medicine that Maggie's been given to control the stomach distress seems to be working.

From Mom's blog

Mags started her day off with a platelet transfusion that she had a reaction too. Threw up everywhere and we had to stop the infusion early. From now on she will definitely be pre-medicated before all platelet transfusions. Her transfusion brought her platelets up to about 30 but she is having nosebleeds and has bruises popping up everywhere. They might transfuse her again tonight if she has another nosebleed or they expect to give another bag in the morning.

Her mouth is in rough shape and she has throat pain too indicating the sores are down her throat as well. She started on continuous morphine today with a pca pump so we can give her an extra boost before meds and mouth care. Her mouth hurts really bad tonight and mouth care was awful so it looks like we are upping the morphine to try to keep her comfortable.

Because of the morphine she is quite itchy so they started her on yet another IV med (you should see the size of this iv pole...) to stop that.

And now, the expected hair loss is starting. That's hard on mom to see.

On a personal note, I can relate. When I had radiation for my nasal cancer, two of the hardest days was when I received the tattoos for the radiation treatment and when my mustache started to fall out. After having a mustache for well over 25 years I shaved it off, and to this day it still won't grow back fully.  Also, I know how scary repeated nose bleeds are. They come out of nowhere, and you just have to relax and know that eventually they will stop.

I believe in prayer. I know the Rudnicki's believe in prayer. Please pray that "It will Get Better", and get better soon!