A Greenpeace sea captain and his crew may be freed from a Russian jail cell before they get to trial.  In a surprise move today, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that all 30 Greenpeace activists, including Peter Wilcox, 30, of Connecticut who is married to Maggy Wilcox of Isleboro, will apparently be freed.

Wilcox and his partners had been protesting Russia's drilling for oil in the Arctic on September 18th, when their vessel was boarded by Russian military or police and everyone was taken into custody.  The Arctic 30 as they are being called had been awaiting trial.

Maggy Wilcox, who is publisher of the Isleboro Island News, had gone to Russia to fight for her husband's release.  She is still there.

Kris Connor - Getty Image

In another surprise move, Putin said that the remaining two jailed members of the band Pussy Riot will also be freed very soon, despite their "disgraceful" protest.  Members of Pussy Riot had been jailed since February 21 of last year after protesting at  Moscow's Cathedral of Christ the Savior.  Putin said today, "I feel sorry for Pussy Riot not for the fact that they were jailed, but for disgraceful behavior that has degraded the image of women,”