Today is Groundhog Day! Stupid Phil in Punxsutawney saw his shadow so that means 6 more weeks of winter! Of course here in Downeast Maine winter came in with a vengeance on Saturday with close to 2 feet of snow! Now there's more on the way!

There is a Winter Storm Watch for Downeast Maine and the Bangor area from Thursday night through late Friday night.

The National Weather Service in Caribou is predicting total snow accumulations of 7 to 10 inches with sleet accumulation of 1/10th to 2/10ths of an inch and ice accumulation of around 1/10th of an inch.

In the meantime, we can expect rain with temperatures into the 40's today and temperatures in the upper 30's tonight. Thursday during the day we will have temperatures around 40 with rain.

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