Want to make your pet famous and help the SPCA of Hancock County at the same time? Enter your photo of your pet and win a spot in the Coloring for the Dogs coloring book! Any species of domestic animal may be entered in this contest which will raise funds for the shelter dogs at the SPCA of Hancock County!

Photo Chris Popper via Colorscape
Photo Chris Popper via Colorscape

The contest opened on Sunday, March 17 and the entry period ends on Sunday, April 28th, and the voting will continue through May 1st at 9PM. The top 3 vote getters in each of 8 categories will have their photos transformed into coloring pages by local artists.

The Contest Categories are

  • Grumpy Faces:
    Does your pet have an adorable "Grumpy Face?" Did you catch it on camera? This category is just for you!
  • Smiley Faces:
    Who says non-humans can't smile? Everybody can smile! Get your pet to say "cheese!" and enter the results in this category.
  • Costume Party:
    Did you dress up your pet? Not afraid to admit it? We want to see!
  • Group Photo:
    Do you have a dynamic duo? A triple threat? Multiple pets in one photo can go in this category.
  • Fuzzy Isn't the Only Kind of Cute:
    Not all companion animals are furry! Show us your scaly, slimy, or feathered friends.
  • Pet Shaming:
    Who was naughty? Was it your pet? Pose them with a sign saying what they did (keep it family-friendly, please!), and snap a photo for this category!
  • Abstractify:
    Yep, we made this one up! What if you have a picture of your pet being awesome, cute, or beautiful - but the background just isn't great? Winners in this category get to have the background whisked away like it never existed, and beautiful patterns will provide the backdrop for your pet's coloring page!
  • My Pet is Just the Best!
    Don't see another category that fits? Is your picture too serious for our silly categories? We've got you covered with this category.

Entering a photo is free. Voting is $1.00 (one dollar) per vote. Funds raised will go towards Coloring for Dogs, a fundraising project to install overhead doors on the SPCA's outer kennel area to protect the shelter dogs from the weather.

To enter and vote online go HERE

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