There's a Dense Fog Advisory for Downeast Maine this morning until 10 a.m. and a look at the Tower Cams on Mount Desert Island and Ellsworth confirm the need! These photos were taken around 6:30 a.m.

The Bar Harbor Inn Tower Cam probably had the best visibility of the 6 tower cams. The yacht with the blue hull is the Sea Shalis via Bar Harbor Cam

Bar Harbor Inn August 12, 2021

The view from the Tower Cam at Dysart's Marina in Southwest Harbor via Bar Harbor Cam. You can't see any of the boats just past the pier

Southwest Harbor August 12, 2021

And Northeast Harbor... Well there are boats there...Trust me

Northeast Harbor August 12, 2021

Bass Harbor.. You can see a little via Bar Harbor Cam

Bass Harbor August 12, 2021

At the Ellsworth City Hall Cupola Cam you can't even see Main Street this morning

Ellsworth Cupola Cam August 12, 2021 via You Tube

Harbor Park is shrouded and looks eerily quiet

Harbor Park August 12, 2021 via You Tube

Branch Lake... You'll just have to take our word that there's a lake behind the trees

Branch Lake August 12, 2021 via You Tube

And the North Tower Cam overlooking Route 1A... There are cars... Somewhere

North Tower Cam August 12, 2021 via You Tube
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