A time-lapse video shows the deterioration of the Westbrook ice disk and an artist who tried to carve a peace symbol into it.

I first heard about Thursday's activity on the ice disk when I saw a blurry picture on Twitter and read that someone was out, hacking at it with a hatchet. My first thought was that it was a pretty stupid thing to do, unless he's looking to go for an icy swim. But, as it turns out, the guy was a New Jersey artist who wanted to make a statement about world peace by carving a peace symbol into the disk.

The first order of business, however, was to get the disk spinning again. It's been still for a few days now, as the natural movement of the floating floe has caused it to get hung up on other bits of ice. Christopher Angulo can be seen, in the video, going out on the ice with a bag, that apparently contained the hatchet and a chainsaw. He was unsuccessful in both endeavors, however, with the disk remaining stationary and the peace symbol incomplete.

This week's warm temperatures have caused the top of the disk to become quite slushy. The deterioration of the upper layer can also be seen in the video that was made in cooperation with Chris Horvat, Brown University, and the city of Westbrook. The ice disk is still intact in the Presumpscot River but, at last report, was no longer spinning.

As for Angulo, Westbrook Police were heard to comment that it's not illegal to hack at river ice with a hatchet, so no charges are pending. But he's brought national attention, once again, to the state of Maine.

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