Happy Thanksgiving and a special thanks to all those working today! To all the first responders who are on duty, or on call, ready to help those in need and keep us safe... Thank-you!

Thanks to the Emera Maine line crews and staff working today, trying to restore power to those without quickly and safely.

Thanks to all those who were out plowing and sanding or are still out there trying to keep the roads clear.

Thanks to all the staff who are working in our medical facilities including long term care facilities. Thanks to all those working in restaurants cooking and serving food for those who aren't cooking at home. Thanks to all working in convenience stores and gas stations, I'm sure you're very busy today, especially in Maine! Thanks to all transportation workers, who are helping to reunite families on this holiday. Thanks to those correctional officers who are working in the jails, on a very difficult day for those in custody.

I know that I have forgotten some, and to those I have forgotten my apologies and thanks! It's difficult working on a holiday, when everyone else seems to be not working and enjoying the day. I hope that you are able to spend time with your friends and family either later today or some other time soon and pause and give thanks.


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