This Wednesday, February 21st, temperatures are expected to be in the mid 50's in Bar Harbor. I was excited and it made me wonder when the last time the temps were above 50!

I went to Weather Underground, and checked the daily temperatures. Since November 19th, there were 5 days with highs above 50 degrees in November. November 19- 54, November 21 -51, November 22 -51, November 25 - 52 and November 29 - 53 degrees.

In December 2017, there were 2 days with highs at least 50 degrees; December 5th - 50 degrees and December 6th - 53 degrees.

January 2018 saw 3 days with temps higher than 50 degrees. January 12th and 13th the high was 55 degrees and January 23rd the high was 53 degrees. That was the last time temperatures were above 50 degrees!

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